Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get the calendar?

The Scholarship Calendar is best for high school juniors and seniors looking to attend college along with all level undergraduate students. The calendar is also designed for parents or guardians of any students in the above categories.

What’s included in the calendar?

Each 10 month interactive calendar comes packed with: 1. A checklist for students and parents. 2. A monthly workbook to help students understand and complete scholarship applications. 3. A detailed highlight of important dates to remember throughout the scholarship process.

How should I use the calendar?

It’s simple. After you purchase the calendar, save it and begin completing the steps. The calendar is interactive, so be sure to type directly to the document and save as you go along. The calendar is also able to be printed and added to a binder.

Can I start the scholarship calendar at any time?

The Scholarship Calendar is a 10 month calendar from August - June but can be started at any time throughout the year. Let’s say you purchase your calendar in February, simply go back to August and work your way through the months depending on your scholarship deadlines.